Great Youtube Resources for Media Composers

Youtube is a wonderful place to get information for free about all sorts of stuff. It's also a terrible place to get information for free about all sorts

2 years ago

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Youtube is a wonderful place to get information for free about all sorts of stuff. It's also a terrible place to get information for free about all sorts of stuff.

Here are some of the best:

Jason Graves

Composer of the Dead Space game series, the VR game Moss. Cubase template wizard, I learned a lot from these videos.

Andrew Huang

Although some of the content is more geared toward the general public there's lots of inspiration and tips to gather from these movies. Expert in modular synthesis.

Mike Verta

Mike's videos every Christmas called "Unleashed", where he critiques music from the viewers is chock full of tips from a Hollywood composer with decades of experience. Their perspective is coming from the golden era of film music where Williams, Silvestri, and Goldsmith are some of the higher esteemed.

Matthew Weiss

Fairly new channel from one of the top mixers in the hip-hop world. I'm often passionately disagreeing with his statements on and off youtube but I don't have the client list that Weiss has, so who am I to argue? ;)

Scott Game Sounds

Channel specifically for working with music for games with a focus on FMOD as middleware. Light scripting tutorials for the implementation part as well, but for the scripting part, I would look for channels like Jason Weimann, Jason Storey, or GameDevGuide to name a few.

Dirk Ehlert

Great content, great experience. Recommended!

Robert Dudzic

Amazing Sound Designer. I get very inspired by watching the videos which are also very well made and produced.

Sample Library Review

... Because there's always one more you need right?

Alex Ball

Analog synths. History, in-depth, what's not to love?

Nahre Sol

Classical pianist with a playful interest in learning stuff that's not classical. I often see things differently myself after having seen someone learn a topic from a completely different angle than I learned it myself.

Paul Thompson and Christian Henson

Although I'm not very fond of Spitfire Audio's blatant marketing strategies these two channels from the original founders of the company bring a great deal of experience and lots of great perspectives on the craft of media composition.

Junkie XL/Tom Holkenborg

Top Hollywood composer giving away a lot of secrets. A must-watch. Much of my knowledge of templates comes from these videos.

Guy Michelmore

Owner of Thinkspace Education, where I got my Masters degree. If you love British humor this one is for you! Great channel.

Trevor Morris

Great channel based on questions from viewers and friends. Bite-sized episodes with lots of lived experience. More conceptual than technical.  

Sifter Studios

Ok, I think my videos are pretty good as well, so if you by any chance come wandering in from the internet and not via Youtube, I do have a channel too!

Did I miss any?

Shoot me an email, I love to discover new and great resources on Youtube, and then I can add to this list as well!

Take care!

-The Sifter

Tormod Liseth

Published 2 years ago